The REIV Charitable Foundation

The REIV Charitable Foundation conducts social and business functions and may provide assistance to you in promoting your function. The endorsement and promotion of functions is at the discretion of the Foundation Board. 

Unless otherwise stated, funds generated by these functions will be allocated to the General Donations area of the Foundation.

Agency Promotion


The Foundation will acknowledge your agency's contributions. You will be given the opportunity for a representative of your agency to present the proceeds of your efforts to your chosen charity and receive accompanying publicity and promotion.

To be successful, the Foundation must have the involvement and support of REIV Members. By channelling your charitable giving and fundraising efforts through the Foundation, we can achieve maximum exposure and credibility, a greater depth of public awareness of your involvement in charitable works and a more favourable community profile through metropolitan and regional/rural involvement. Together, as a team, we can make a difference to the lives of many and, in the process, improve our public profile - but to do it we need your support!

Contact a Foundation Board Member today on 9205 6666.

Promotion of the Foundation and its activities

The Foundation is promoted to media from time to time to highlight the charitable works of REIV Members within their community, the funds raised annually by Members and any charitable donations made by REIV Members. 

Promotion also occurs through the Estate Agent journal, e-News and this website.