Appointments by the REIV President


Applications can be made to the REIV President for the appointment of valuers or real estate agents in a range of circumstances, including: 

  • family law matters
  • deceased estates 
  • insurance claims
  • commercial, industrial and rural disputes and rental determinations.

The REIV President appoints appropriate REIV members in response to applications. Wherever possible, care is taken to ensure the independence of an appointed valuer or agent. 

Fees and expenses
The REIV President’s appointment is, generally, free. In some instances, however, an administration fee is payable. Valuers and estate agents will charge a fee or commission for their services. There may also be expenses to be paid. An appointment is subject to fees, commission and any expenses being agreed, before the valuer or agent undertakes the appointment.

If you are looking for a valuer or an agent, try the REIV Member Search or contact us. Where appropriate, the contact details of relevant REIV members will be provided for you to engage with them directly.

Email: [email protected]         Phone:   03 9205 6666

Service Requested
Rental Determinations  
Other Appointments