Other Appointments

Family law, deceased estates, insurance claims, other residential or commercial disputes

Reasons for seeking an appointment may include requirements of –

  • court orders;

  • terms of litigation settlements;

  • contracts;

  • partnerships;

  • joint ventures;

  • share-farming agreements; or
  • other formal or informal arrangements.

If none of the above apply, parties can still apply to the REIV President to make an appointment of a valuer or estate agent, providing all join in the application.

Applications to the REIV President should be made in writing to [email protected] and provide the following information – 

Reason for the application:

For example: 

  • to assess the current market value of a property;
  • to set the reserve price for a property and conduct an auction;
  • to provide a valuation of partnership assets;
  • to give effect to an agreed arrangement.

And the reason, eg. Required by:

  • a court order;
  • a litigation settlement;
  • a partnership agreement;
  • an agreed arrangement.

Details of parties: 

  • names of the parties;
  • the parties’ email addresses, phone numbers, and postal addresses;
  • if the parties are represented, the names of their lawyers and their lawyers’ email addresses and phone numbers.

Provide the address of – 

  • the property; or 
  • the business; or 
  • the relevant location.

Briefly describe the type of property, Eg – commercial, industrial, residential, rural; improvements, if any;
goods, if any.

Supporting documents:
Eg – a complete and legible copy, preferably with relevant parts highlighted for ease of reference.

  • the court orders with the court’s seal endorsed;
  • the signed and dated terms of a litigation settlement;
  • the signed and dated contract;
  • the signed and dated lease
  • the signed and dated partnership agreement;
  • the signed and dated joint venture agreement;
  • the signed and dated share farming agreement;
  • the signed and dated agreed arrangement
  • relevant email and other correspondence between the parties

Valuers, agents or both to be considered for or excluded from appointment.

The first step following notification of the President’s appointment is for the parties to agree the full scope of the work, terms and fees with the valuer/agent. 

It is important to note the formal engagement of an agent to sell a property or perform other estate agency work is only made when an authority has been signed by the parties and the Agent. 

When all required information has been provided, an appointment is generally made in 5-10 business days.