Should I even be doing this course?
Student Handbook
What will my course entitle me to do?
What is competency based training?
What is mutual recognition and can I receive credit transfers?
What is recognition of prior learning?
Who are my trainers?
Is a traineeship an option for me?
Should I choose face-to-face or distance education?
What is 'reasonable accommodation'?
What are the fee and payment schedules?
What are the language, literacy and numeracy requirements?
Can I do more than one course?
How long does the Agent's Representative course take?
Can I jump straight into the Certificate IV in Property Services?
How can I enrol?
How will my personal information be used?
What is a unique student identifier?
What is the refund policy?
How do I know my enrolment has been received?
Disability - what should I declare?
How do I select my schedule?
What is a training plan?
Is there more I need to know about the enrolment procedure?
How do I get to class?
What important safety information should I know?
What are the course materials?
What is the attendance policy?
How will I be evaluated?
What are the timelines for assessments?
What if I receive a 'Not Yet Competent'?
How will I be able to evaluate my course and trainers and give general feedback?
Where are REIV's policies and procedures?
Is there a Student Code of Conduct?
Is there support for students available?
Do you have any study tips?
Where's the line between plagiarism, collusion and simply 'working in groups'?
What if it turns out the course is too demanding?
What if I believe I have a valid grievance about some aspect of my training?
When will I receive my Statement of Attainment/Qualification?
What if I need a Statement of Attainment or Transcript or Certificate re-issued?