The difference with REIV members

Over 80 per cent of real estate agencies in Victoria are members of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV). That’s a pretty impressive strike rate and it means that we are uniquely placed to share resources, data and expertise.

We understand the significance of property in your life, which is why we focus on developing and supporting real estate professionals who can help make these decisions easier for you. We make sure that our members are well equipped with the right knowledge, resources and tools to give you professional advice and service that protects your interests.

When you choose an REIV Member, you choose a professional who has completed the required training; is required to prioritise ongoing professional development; is covered by professional indemnity insurance and; importantly is required to follow REIV guidelines to always act ethically, honestly and fairly.  This is "The Difference" which an REIV Member brings to your property transaction. It is what makes an REIV Member unique. 

We cross check and validate the real estate qualifications, licensing requirements and employment of each applicant before they are accepted as a Member. This means that you can be confident that the agency you are dealing with, meets the necessary requirements to practice real estate in Victoria.

Continual Professional Development is a requirement of REIV membership. This is to ensure that our Members are constantly upskilling, whether it’s through structured training programs or interactive learning through seminars and competitions. 

Well informed
The REIV collects and collates residential and commercial property data in Victoria which comes to us directly from Members, so it is not reappropriated, manipulated or misinterpreted. We use this accurate data to provide regular market updates, insights, statistics and tools that Members use to assist their clients.

Focus on service
REIV Members understand the importance of providing an end-to-end experience and are required to comply with REIV guidelines to always act ethically, honestly and fairly.  All REIV Member agencies are also required to hold Professional Indemnity Insurance cover. 
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