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Members can access a complete range of online forms on the Vicforms portal. An extensive range of printed forms are also available for purchase. In addition, Members also have access to some Forms and Authorities at no cost. Follow the links below to find out more:



About VicForms


Vicforms is a simple way to ensure that you always have access to the most up-to-date forms and authorities. Benefits include:

  • Co-branding
    • The portal allows you to co-brand REIV forms with your agency details. The REIV brand mark will give your clients confidence and peace of mind 
  • Efficiency 
    • Save and recall forms, to work on your own pace
    • Multi-user system allows more than one user in your agency to access the portal at any one time
    • Email documents directly to your client through the system
    • Forms generated in PDF for easy filing and online access
    • Tablet friendly layout allows you to create and edit forms on your iPad when you are out of the office
    • Digital signatures available
  • Cost effective
    • VicForms Online is a pay per usage system
    • There are no upfront charges and you only pay for the forms you use
    • All charges are conveniently invoiced to your business on a month to month basis

Available Forms


Order Printed Forms Access VicForms Complimentary Forms

Form Name PRINTED VicForms
Residential Leasing and Management
Condition Report Part A 137 WF137
Condition Report Part B 137B WF137B
Exclusive Leasing & Managing Authority-Residential 005A WF005A 
General Leasing & Managing Authority-Residential and C&I WF004
Residential Tenancy Agreement WF135 
Auction Bidding Form 003A  
Contract of Sale - Real Estate (REIV-LIV) 118 WF118 
Estimate of Selling Price 010  
Exclusive Auction Authority 003 WF003
Exclusive Sale Authority 002 WF002 
Expression of Interest Form 147  
General Sale Authority 001 WF001
Request for Estimate of Current Selling Price 011  
Tender Authority WF007
Vendor Checklist 013  
Commercial Leasing and Management
*Commercial Leasing Pack – 3 copies of forms as indicated* 303  
Commercial Lease & Guidelines* Leasing Pack Inclusion WF143
Commercial Lease Guarantee & Indemnity* Leasing Pack Inclusion WF142
Commercial Lease Schedule* Leasing Pack Inclusion WF144
Exclusive Commercial Leasing Authority WF005B 
Exclusive Commercial Property Management Authority WF005C 
General Leasing & Managing Authority-C&I WF004
Non-Renewal Commercial Lease Notice* Leasing Pack Inclusion  
Offer of New Commercial Lease* Leasing Pack Inclusion  
Renewal of Commercial Lease WF0150
Renewal Reminder Notice* Leasing Pack Inclusion  
Schedule Special Conditions* Leasing Pack Inclusion WF144A
Commercial Leases 143 WF143
Business Broking  
Exclusive Business Sale Authority 009  




  • Login with your personal Membership details to access these documents
  • Download and save the form to your local drive before you start completing the form. Save your changes and the print if required. 
  • Please note all forms where it asks you to “cross out the one that does not apply” can be easily completed by highlighting the text, right clicking and selecting strikethrough.
  • Access the form required from the site each time you wish to use it, this will ensure that you are always using the latest version.

Form name

Form code

Business Broking
General Business & Property Sale Authority 008
Buyers Agents
Exclusive Purchase Authority 006A
General Purchase Authority 006
Commercial Leasing and Management
Renewal Reminder Notice 145A
Offer of New Commercial Lease 145B
Non-Renewal Commercial Lease Notice 145C
Typical Leasing/Property Management Services 005T
Assignment of Commercial Lease 151
Residential Leasing and Management
Tenancy Checklist/Tenancy Application 132
Property Management Landlord Checklist 017
Service Provider Agreement 0025
Property Management trades/contractor agreement 149
Request Estimate of Selling Price 0011
Material facts checklist for Sale of land Act  
Vendor Checklist 013
Auction Bidding Form 003A
Estimate of Selling Price 0010
Expression of Interest Form 147
Residential Property - Vendor authorisations for price representations and for Consideration of enquiries and offers  
Rural Vendor Checklist 014
General Service Authority 012





  • Schedule 1: Non-shopping centre retail premises

  • Schedule 2: Shopping centre retail premises

  • Schedule 3Renewal of a lease

  • Schedule 4: Assignment of a lease with an ongoing business



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